1. If elected to serve as your 45th. President in 2012,my presidency will be dedicated to the cause of One Person, One Vote, with One Influence, without any influence of money in the selection of the candidates in all three branches of the government, or in their statutory functions, as mandated in the US Constitution. To focus on this goal, under no circumstances will I seek a second term of office.
The Vice-President I choose from either party, or an independent, whoever he or she may be, will be quite capable of finishing any unfinished needed reforms in education and in a more equitable system of taxation.
2. Within 48 hours of becoming your 45th. President, by the powers vested in me under the US Constitution, I will accomplish the following:
a. Rescind (Stop) the present administration’s Order to shut down NASA, the most efficient organization in the World, with the largest collection of brain power in the US. Not a single job will be lost.
Along with this immediate leans will be placed on the Real Properties of those financial institutions that have received tax payers’ bail out funds through TARP law etc.
Their current interest rate of 0.5% will be raised to reflect equitable banking principles. This alone should generate enough funds to keep NASA and Social Security solvent for a long period.
b. One such Anti-American Law, in the books since 1945, known as the McCarran-Ferguson Antitrust Exemption Laws (also known as the Insurance Companies Monopoly Law), as it applies to Health Insurance Companies and Companies that provide Malpractice Insurance to Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals, will be declared Unconstitutional and removed from the books.
This will allow our Antitrust laws, the best in the World, to go after Health Insurance Companies that fix premiums and prevent competition.
We will also announce to the World that we are open for business, and foreign companies will be invited to sell health insurance in the US, which is presently prohibited by this Insurance Companies Monopoly Law.
Any state that should prevent foreign Health Insurance Companies from doing business in their state, will have their Federal funds withheld, and my Justice Department will probe if there have been any Anti-trust violations on the part of the officials of that state. The US Anti-trust Law is a powerful law and also has a criminal component under which violators could be jailed up to ten years.
The foreign companies will set up escrow funds or purchase into a government insurance program, like the FDIC, against default.
They will be safeguarded from American Health Insurance Companies, under cutting them by selling Health Insurance Coverage for a nickel a year premium.
3. Appoint a Special prosecutor under the Justice department, who has expertise in tracking down and recovering funds diverted by foreign dictators to their off shore accounts. Funds recovered will be placed in a Trust account with the US Government, under control of the President; once our countries debt is reduced to a manageable level, will be returned to the tax payer in a responsible manner, which will help the individual as well as the US economy.
4.Within 30 days set up a web site where US citizens could watch how their representatives vote, a summary of the debated legislation will be provided by a non governmental public organization like 'Common Cause', etc. This will also show actions by the President-Veto, etc., and also actions by the US Supreme Court, and any significant or un-American, unconstitutional actions by lower court, if they should occur.
5. There will be "0" tolerance for Justice for Hire or Legislation for hire. Violators will be promptly removed from the bench or congress and presented to a grand jury for their review, under the felony provisions of the existing USC codes.
6. The New Justice Department will put an end to the practice of judges accepting money under any caption from attorneys practicing in their courts.
Attorneys will be prohibited from evaluating judges; evaluation will be done by the litigants who use the court's services and who are served by the courts.
Having lawyers evaluate the judges is similar to prisoners evaluating their prison warden.
7. The Human Rights branch of the UN has written a scathing report of the Criminal system of Justice in the US-particularly with reference to Capital Punishment. Governor George Ryan of Illinois has made a study of this and commuted the sentences of about twenty prison inmates on death row, who were sentenced with insufficient evidence and in some instance with evidence that established their innocence beyond a reasonable doubt.
The practice in most state courts of destroying all records of an executed inmate within 3-5 days adds some credence to this.
Such practice will cease immediately as my Justice Department will have Federal Marshalls take custody of all records of those condemned inmates, immediately after or few days prior to their execution, and have these records safe guarded for 10 years, for reporters, law and journal students' review/research.
8. My Special prosecutor, will empanel a special grand jury consisting of Washington DC citizens, who will be a pure jury with no state affiliations, and loyalty only to the US, look into the causes for the failure of the three branches of the government to protect its people. It will also look into the role of the 'free press' in the US.
The jury will decide the question as to whether the First Amendment Right guaranteeing the freedom of the press, also includes freedom to cover up, freedom to falsify the facts and slant the news to the detriment of the public.