Q&A with our 2012 Presidential Candidate.

This consists of a montage of all questions and concerns we have so far received from our readers.
Our readers are united 100% behind our Presidential Candidate's Manifesto. He is Veteran Commanding Officer in the US Armed Forces, by qualification a research scientist, and a Board certified surgeon, having completed his postgraduate training at a prestigious ivy league university in this country. He is a foreign born first generation American, like our founding father and the First US president-George Washington, who was born in 1732 in the Colony of Virginia, under the British crown. A new nation called the 'United States of America' was established only in 1783, by the Treaty of Paris, signed by King George III and our founding fathers in Paris, France.

Our readers' concern was as to how the 45th. President is going to enforce his ideas and promises set forth in his 'Manifesto'.
These questions and answers are noted hereunder:

Q1: Does your presidential candidate realize that the State Governments are also controlled by the various PAC (Political Action Committee) money. The States have their own police, state troopers, guns and artillery, from their State National Guards.
If the new president should abolish the Health Insurance Monopoly exemption, the States controlled by the Insurance PAC money would block any foreign Health Insurance Company from selling affordable total health insurance coverage in their state.

A1: This problem was faced in a slightly different situation, and successfully and peacefully solved, about 53 years ago by another non-politician Republican president from the ranks of the US military-General Dwight Eisenhower- the victorious supreme Commander of the Allied forces- that defeated the Nazi forces. President Eisenhower, a deeply religious man, with high moral standards and courage, felt it was atrocious that Afro-American and White US soldiers who serve this country side by side protecting and shielding each other from enemy fire, when they got home, could not send their kids with their army buddies kids, because of the difference in their skin color!
Being a non-politician Eisenhower carefully studied the US Constitution, the supreme law of this country, and found that such practices are not condoned but are actually prohibited in the general theme of the US constitution.
Hence, like President Lincoln, another Republican President, who found that slavery is an unconstitutional act, and abolished it by his Proclamation. President Eisenhower also by a proclamation abolished segregation in the US Public School system, after a short waiting period for the schools to setup the necessary procedural details.
The governor of the State of Arkansas openly defied this Presidential Order, and school officials in Little Rock, AK openly made statements, that the nine Afro-American students, who had applied for enrollment, would not be allowed into the premises.
As the day for implementation of the Presidential Desegregation Order of schools drew near his cabinet members and family members advised 'Ike', to take no action, and let his proclamation quietly die for lack of enforcement. Otherwise they thought there will be bloodshed and start of another civil war.
President Eisenhower listened to their suggestions, but kept his thoughts to himself.
Just a few days before the school-desegregation deadline, using the power vested in him under the US Constitution, he Federalized all troopers in Arkansas, and in Little Rock, even down to the security guard in the defiant school. On the eventful day, the nine Afro-American children were escorted to their class rooms by both Federal and Federalized state troopers, peacefully and without any incidence. President Eisenhower's actions gave the blue print for Presidents Kennedy and Johnson to abolish segregation in the work place, armed forces and paved the way for Johnson's Civil Rights Law of 1964. Because of the yeomanly act of President Eisenhower, a southern state now has an Afro-American woman as president of a prestigious University.

If this country had waited for the Congress and the Courts to abolish slavery and segregation, we will be having slavery and segregation practiced in the US today. We certainly will not be having an Afro-American President today.

That is why the founding fathers of this country, gave the sword-control over the Army, Navy and the Air-force, to the president-not to the congress or the Supreme Court.

Q2: Would your candidate run as an Independent or a 3rd. party candidate. His views on forming a New Party.
A2: The logistics are stacked against an independent candidate. If the American voters show their determination to use their votes effectively, not just in electing a president, but also work with him after he is elected, to remove those who by their votes in congress demonstrate that they are working for special interest groups, then he will run as a Republican Candidate with a 'middle of the road' policy that is firmly founded in the US Constitution
If we are successful in gaining the White house, within 30 days of being elected as your 45th. president, all pending legislations, a summary of the legislation by a non-governmental agency or group, the votes of the legislators, their congressional districts, and the month and year they are up for reelection, will be placed on a Presidential Web site for all to see. This will also include presidential actions, like Veto, the reasons for the veto, legislative recommendations submitted to the Congress by the President , etc.
If the American people should demonstrate their resolve to 'Throw the Rascals Out', then he will run as a Republican Candidate, leaning neither to the right or the left but with the centralist view of the Republican Party, founded strongly in the principles and laws set forth in the US Constitution.
Starting a 3rd. party or a new party is futile, since once elected BOTH PARTIES ACT AS A SINGLE PARTY, rolling up their sleeves to work for the Special interest groups, resulting in the loss of jobs, loss of productivity and steep downward spiral of the US economy.
Influence of money is prohibited in the US Constitution.
Since a President cannot pass laws, he will give his strong well worded proposal to abolish the influence of money in the legislative process, and punitive actions to those who use money to influence, the Congress, the White House or the Judiciary.
Such punitive measures shall include both the givers and the receivers
All presidential legislative proposals will have a time frame, and it will be on the Presidential Website for all to see. ( Of course, National security issue legislations will be omitted.)
Q3: We agree to, “Throw the Rascals Out"; but how do we know that the new candidate is not going to be worse than the one that was thrown out?
What about the saying, “The Devil you know is better than the Devil, you do not know?"

A3: Simple. Vote for the challenger-Republican, Democrat or Independent- who has collected the smallest amount of campaign funds/ receipts. For two reasons:1. He is the one who has sold the least bit of his soul to the 'Devil', also known as the Special Interest Groups.2. Secondly, a more important reason you should vote for him or her is the fact that the PACs and Spl Interest groups consider him a liability, which means he has a conscience or certain principles and will do what is right for the people.
You can see how much each candidate has collected in the Federal Election Commission website, www.fec.com
Do not be taken by false slogans that large campaign contributions are needed to win, or these have 'staying Power', etc. The only staying power is your Vote.
Do not get concerned about which party gets control of the Congress. It makes no difference. Once elected and the TV cameras are turned off, they all join forces to work as one party to serve the interests of the Special Interest Groups.
Use your vote wisely, and take control of your government in 2012.
Q4: What is your Presidential Candidate's opinion on the recently passed Health Reform and Affordable Care Law of 2010?
A4: Based on Our candidate's, the USA News team's research and the research from some friendly Congressional offices, there is no health law, since the final page of the Health care bill, does not contain the President's signature and as such is not worth the paper it is written. If during the end of 2012, just before the November election, this signature page should mysteriously appear, then our candidate as the 45th. President would table this law and freeze its funding, until reviewed by the special jury set up by his attorney general.

Interviewed on the eve of the threatened US Government shutdown (1/6/2011)

What would you say to those who say that you are a carpet bagger, a new comer, who has not gone through the ranks?
A5:I had the choice of immigrating to the UK, Canada or the US and the US. I chose the USA after having read its Constitution, and the unshakable foundation under which it guaranteed political and financial freedoms to its people. I immigrated to this country during the presidency of Mr. J. F. Kennedy and I can assure you that there was indeed, a 'Camelot' in this country. Corporations were prohibited from making political contributions. The maximal individual contribution was limited to $1500.To-day with all the so called Campaign reforms, individuals can contribute to about $30,000.00 per year and corporations could also contribute through various PACs much more. Politicians were prohibited from diverting campaign funds to their personal bank accounts, which is now possible through loop holes through which you could drive a MAC truck.
Our economic decline started with the influx of bribes under the caption of 'Campaign Contributions'.
For over ten years I was searching for a candidate who would give his word to outlaw all political contributions, as is done in the UK, Canada, India and even Russia. Finally I found one candidate for the presidency, whose campaign manager frequently spoke to me and gave me feed back from the candidate. I was assured that the candidate's goals were similar. When informed of the Health Insurance Monopoly law, which only the US has on its books unlike any other European or Asian nation. He also held a similar position, and assured me through his manager, if elected President, within 30 days he would repeal this law, since it is unconstitutional and covers an earlier law, the Sherman Anti-Monopoly Law of 1890.
He was later elected as the representative of a Major party and won the US Presidency. His campaign manager who held an important position in the white house was contacted by me after waiting for about three months. He was very apologetic for the delay, and said within the next 30 days the president hopes to sign the health insurance reform bill as well as the Campaign finance reform legislation.
It seemed too good to be true. I waited for another 60 days and called the white house and left messages to the ex- campaign manager, and to the President since I was told the president systematically enquired about my family members. This time none of my messages were responded to.
After digging a little deeper into the finance of the congressional members, which is available through various websites, I noticed most of the members including junior members became Millionaires, per their tax data within 2-4 years. With a salary of about $130-$150,000, it would be mathematically impossible to do so, unless through hidden sources of income!
Our own president who ran on a platform of change, and deriding campaign contributions, in 2008 was not a millionaire. Per his 2009 tax return he is a multi-millionaire, with a net worth in excess of 5 Million dollars, not counting the $1.2 Million Nobel Prize money, which he promised to donate to charity, but has so far not done so. Is this also another campaign promise?

Our Federal funds are diverted to cover up insider swindling of companies by the company officials, through phony legislations like the TARP law and the 2010 Health Reform Law, which does not even have the president's signature, These Company crooks turn around and give a significant portion of their loot to the reelection campaign funds of the White House and the Congress, based on the copies available on the US government's several web sites.
Hence this law -The Health Reform Law-PL 111-148, without the President’s signature, is not enforceable, and is not worth the paper it is written. US life expectancy during Johnson's presidency was among the top three in the World. At the last census it was 27th and the most recent Census (unpublished data) 43rd. (reference: US Bureau of Statistics and the WHO) Even people who live in third World countries like Singapore, and dictatorships like Syria, have a longer life expectancy than Americans!

Hence, reluctantly, I have decided to offer my services as a Presidential candidate with time specific goals.
Under no circumstances will I accept a second term of presidency, so that I could concentrate on the principle of one person, one vote and one influence, without the influence of money in the selection of candidates or in their legislative functions.
Within 48 hours of my presidency the Health Insurance Monopoly Law in our books covered up by the Congress, the White House and the Network TV news media will be declared unconstitutional, by Presidential proclamation, which will allow foreign Health insurance companies to sell health Insurance coverage to Americans, at a fraction of the premium they are now paying.
If you are sceptical about the existance of this Anti-American Law since you could not believe how 435 members of the Congress and one president, could band together to defraud the American people, in trying to pass a 'Health Insurance Competition and affordable health Law of 2010, also known as the PL-111-148, while keeping the health Monopoly Law intact!
In the Google search bar type in "Health Insurance Monopoly Laws",and review the search results and become shocked and angry and act. There are actions that you can take starting now, by donating to our 'Spread the Word ' campaign. By declaring the US Constitution enforceable as is by Presidential Proclamation, those who practice legislation for hire or justice for hire, can be immediately removed and taken before a jury of their peers for their review.
These practices are strictly prohibited in our Constitution.
Q6: Now for some specific questions on solving our financial crisis.
Let us suppose that you are the President in the White House today-the presumed eve of the US Government shut down-Federal employees to take an unpaid vacation of indefinite duration in these hard times.
How would you solve it or prevent a shut down?
A6: First of all, if I were the President, this would not have happened. The reason for our economic downturn is elected officials in the White House and the Congress transferring this country's wealth to cover up insider swindling of large corporations like the AIG, by their Chief executives, like the CEO of AIG who gave himself a a Half a Billion Dollar Bonus at the same time asking the American people for Bail out, which they quickly received without any public debate, as warranted in the US Constitution, through their secret employees-the elected people's representatives, in the Congress and the White House. Unlike our early American Presidents and Congressmen, who some times served without pay, for the benefit of their people,
our current representatives get into government for the sole purpose of enriching themselves by transferring large sums of public funds through phony legislation like the TARP Law and other bail-out laws, to fraud ridden corporations, which turn around and give a large kick-back to them, in the form of campaign contributions.
Our fraud ridden TV news media, have brain washed us into believing that campaign contributions are needed to prevent Millionaires from hijacking the US Presidency. Millionaires Ross Perau and Romney, both tried, but did not even get their party's nomination.
'Campaign Contributions', transforms paupers into Millionaires, as long as they work for special interest groups, in Congress and in the White House.
What is in this for the news media? Billions of Dollars, since 85-90% of all campaign dollars end up in their pockets by charging exorbitant advertizing time charges. During the last election, the cost was One Million Dollars for 30 seconds of TV advertizing time. For the 2012 elections, the advertizing rate that has been tentatively set is at One Million Dollars for 10 seconds of advertizing time!
Turn off the TV and become 'Brain Unwashed and free'. Do not turn us off. We are an Online Print News Medium. Our current President, who ran on a platform of change, deriding all campaign contributions, now boasts of himself as a billion dollar candidate!
Our past Presidents, of the caliber of Lincoln and Kennedy, and Congressmen of the mold of Fulbright and Proxmire and News reporters of the mold of Morrow and Peter Jennings, are all turning in their graves.

Answering your hypothetical question as to what I would do if I were given the job of the US President for 24 hours, for the sole purpose of balancing the US budget to prevent a shut down, and if this offer was made to me, jointly by President Obama and Members of the US Congress, then I will do the following:
I will first thank the President and the Congress for their vote of confidence, and will undertake the task under the following condition: 1. The White House and the Congress should take a 24 hour furlough (vacation) from Capitol Hill and return at 1:00 PM tomorrow, Friday 1-7-2011, the eve of the Government shut down. They may then review and act on my proposal. 2. They should make all agencies of the government, connected with the budgetary process available to me under an ad hoc (temporary) authority as 'US President, pro temp' for one day only. 3. If I should find the funds to bridge the gap of $28 Billion (The difference between the Democratic budget proposal of 61 Billion Dollars, and the Republican proposal of 33 Billion Dollars), in an equitable manner, without raising taxes on individuals, small businesses or large corporations, then the White House and the Congress will pass the budget on Friday and cancel the proposed government shut down on Monday. 4. Left over surplus funds, should be used to immediately rehire workers in the public and private sectors, downsized, due to the 'economy'. 5. Any surplus left over will be used to create new jobs and reduce our National Debt.
If the congress and the White house should agree to all of the above, then after they have left the Capitol, this is what I will do:
1. Fist I will confirm to my satisfaction that the budgetary figures in the Democratic and the Republican budget proposals are real and factual.
2. Then I will have the federal employees given to me, to provide me with an accurate estimate of the total dollar amount involved in the TARP (Toxic Assets Recovery Program), one of the many Bail out programs initiated by President Bush and President Obama. I will be given a figure ranging between 780 Billion Dollars and One Trillion Dollars. For working purposes I will note down the lower value of 780 Billion Dollars.(This is the amount given to Corporations like AIG, Bank of America, Citi Bank,etc.)
3. I will ask the Federal employees to provide me with details of the % of interest charged to these Corporations by our Administration. After some delay, with perplexed expression, they would tell me that there was no record of any interest charged to these corporations, and no record of any payments from them. They would also tell me that some of the larger companies were charged an interest of 1/2%, for a short period of time, that was later discontinued.
Since it would be already late into the night, I would have thanked the Federal employees and sent them home, and would have started working on an equitable manner to enhance the revenue for the US Government. I would also have noted that these multi national corporations that own skyscrapers in New York, Chicago and other cities in the US, have been given this near Trillion Dollar loan from us-Americans- without any liens attached to their properties, a gesture they do not reciprocate to the American citizen or a US Veteran, when he or she approaches them for a loan as small as a thosand dollars. Moreover, for their very credit worthy private citizens, with a very high credit score on a signature loan with no collateral, they charge interest rates from 18% to 23% or higher. For loans that are backed by bank attached real estate the lowest rate charged was 13% per year.
Hence I would propose an interest rate of 10% on all the businesses that benefited from our TARP bailout funds of 780 Billion Dollars, and would advice that the US government immediately place liens on their properties. This would immediately generate a revenue of 78 Billion Dollars per year, to the US economy.
From this fund I will take28 Billion dollars to bridge the budget gapwhich would leave a balance surplus of 50 Billion Dollars (78B-28B=50B).
It has been estimated by Non-Governmental economists that for every $25,000.00 increase in the revenue in the private or the public sector would create one white collar job. Simple mathematics would show that my proposal would save or create 2 Million Jobs.
4. Now the realty check. Friday 1:00 PM on arrival at Capitol Hill, the President and the Congressional representative would view my proposal. May even thank me for my work, but would jointly issue a statement that my proposals are not workable, may cause economic down turn, or it may affect our National security, etc., any of the many such statements they have made in the past with the full support of our money greedy TV network multi media news.
My closing statement will be that from one revenue enhancement issue alone, the US treasury is losing 78 Billion Dollars a year in untapped legitimate revenues, which translates to $213.7 Million per day.
With the free influence of money controlling both parties in Congress, you and I could do nothing about it now.
Q7: What are your criteria for declaring your candidacy?
a. The American people should Contribute liberally to the USA News & Information Service Trust fund-neither the candidate nor employees of this news medium will get a penny of it.
Contributors should be able to view their contributions, and fund activity directly through our bank statements with its bank logo. (No Bernie Madof stuff.)
b. Before September of this year at least 50% of the voters should have heard our message, and at least 20% should pledge to vote for me. This goal is achievable if each of you could link this to his or her Face book, U-tube and Tweet it, and send emails, letters, phone calls to at least 12 residents in 12 states, each week, and give them the web link to Our Manifesto in the www.usanewsandinformationservice.com, a dot com National News Medium serving this country since 1999.
If the Egyptians could do this and get their freedom, we sure can do it, and get our FINANCIAL FREEDOM not just for the next FOUR YEARS….FOURHUNDRED YEARS..BUT FOR AS LONG AS THE OLD GLORY (US flag) flies over the USA.
c. If this goal is not met, any residual funds, will be returned to charity organizations with proven track record like the Red-Cross, Salvation Army, etc.
d. If I should win the Presidency, the left over funds will be transferred to the US Treasury department, under the 45th.President's funds recovery program.
I am confident that funds diverted from the treasury through phony laws and bail-out laws, will be recovered with interest, and our deficit reduced and new jobs created, since they are all interrelated.

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