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2. For reducing Health Costs immediately by 50% or more, no New Laws are needed-Just remove the Health Insurance Companies Monopoly Act of 1945
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Read and know who the winners and losers will be if this anti-American law is repealed. Without removing this law any Health Insurance reform Law, will be shot down by this law, leaving all of us $1.2 Trillion short and with ever increasing health Insurance costs and ever increasing reduced coverage as dictated by the greed of the Insurance Companies
Find out why the Obama administration and the Congress as well as the Multi Media Network TV Daily News are hiding this from the public.

3. After a 3 year diligent search by the USA News & Information service, we have finally found an American, an outsider who has fought against the practice by the Congress of Legislation for hire and the practice by many US Courts of Justice for Hire by accepting large 'campaign contributions'-euphemism for bribes'- from lawyers who practice before them. This American has demonstrated Integrity and Honor, as our Founding Fathers. He is the one who through his dedicated research revealed to us the secret law of Health Insurance Companies Monopoly act of 1945, which allows insurance companies to compare and fix premiums, and prevents foreign companies from selling health Insurance to Americans in the US, at a fraction of the premiums charged by Blue Cross Blue shield, and also covering all pre-existing conditions. This Law ironically also prevents American companies from selling health insurance coverage to US citizens in other state of the US. The ultimate goal of this Law is the profitability of the Insurance Companies as determined by them, not the Health of the people of this country. In no other country is there such a law.
Imagine if there were such a Monopolies law protecting the Auto Industry, there will be no need for Auto Bail out- GM and Chrysler will be highly profitable companies. There will be no Toyotas or any foreign car sold in the US. We will be paying over $200,000.00 for a Vega or a Chevy.
We shall reveal this person in the next few weeks in our editorial, who we believe, with the same honor and integrity as demonstrated by our First President George Washington and with the Zeal of Oliver Cromwell, with your help will take over the White House in 2012. But instead of Cromwell's sword, will use his pen and the US constitution and the awful constitutional power of the Presidency to rid the influence of Money from both the Congressional and the Judiciary branches of the US Government, since he firmly believes in the principle followed by our founding fathers of 'One man, One Vote and One influence' -untainted by Money.

We at the USA News and Information service who hoped that Mr. Obama might be that person, were sadly disappointed when he covered up the fact of our financial crisis caused by insider swindling of these institutions, by executives, many with educational achievement that does not go beyond a high school diploma, giving themselves Multimillion Dollar salaries and bonuses. In addition Mr. Obama gave them a gift of over $750 Billion Dollars -the TARP Act-of our children and grandchildren’s funds. These crooks took the money, turned around and gave a portion of these funds to the RNC(Republican National Party) and the DNC (Democratic National Party) Thus, the TARP act achieved its secret goal of funding the 2010 election of the Incumbents.

In our editorial we have given a definite plan, which by sharing with our friends and relatives all over the US we can strike back and also have some of the repulsive laws removed, without any help from the White House or the Congress.

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