Defrauding of America

Defrauding of Americans
By the US Courts.

A. To view Nashville TN, Federal Court Documents, click below:

1.Summary Sheets/Docket Sheets. Click here
2.Plaintiff's Complaint-Click here-(#1-corresponds to Summary Sheet#) with Original Exhibits, Click here
3. Click here to view the Plintiff's(Veteran's) Original exhibits, altered and sabotaged by the Nashville Federal Court, supported by the tax dollars of all Americans,to give the defendants (Blue CRoss Blue Shield and the hospital) an unjustified win.
To read how the Nashville Federal Court defrauded the American people, for money slipped under the table, read the Veteran Physician's statement given under oath to the Ohio Appellate Court, which has supervisory power over the Nashville Federal Court,Click here

4. Fraud by US Federal Court Judge Wm.Haynes, against the US Constitution, its people and all Veterans-The proof, his final Order against the Veteran Physician who filed the suit against the hospital and Blue Cross of TN for capriciously cancelling his contract of over $425,000.00 per annum with less than 24 hours to respond. Judge Haynes-a judge in the pockets of Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of TN, covers this fact, and sticks the Veteran physician with a damage award of $299,407.86 against him, for breaching a fraudulent settlement agreement, which he was forced to sign under duress without the review of his attorney, with false allegations that could be easily disproven by documents retained in the White County Community Hospital, Sparta, TN., and with the veteran.
This judge, for large sums of money slipped under the table, acted like a co-counsel to the defendant BCBS, and prevented the veteran's case from going before the jury. (see paragraph# 7) and guaranteed in the US constitution to every US citizen under Amendment VII and Article V of the US Constitution. Many European and Asian democracies including the Communist country of China, judges who violate their countries' constitution are promptly removed from the bench and brought before a grand jury, and if indicted sentenced to long prison terms.
5:Judge Hayes Final Order-Document #212, Click here
6:This contains instructions to view the US Courts official Pacer website. You may also view the US Court fraud as it happens in real time. This website information was also provided to the World Court in Hague, Netherlands with recommendation that the World Court suspend its US membership in this body, until the judges who practice 'Justice for Hire', are removed from the bench and brought before a grand jury.
About two years ago these court irregularities were brought to the attention of President Obama directly and through the Chairman of the DNC (Democratic National Committee) with a plea that the Federal Government gets involved to prevent any additional miscarriage of justice by filing a ‘FRIEND OF THE COURT BRIEF.' President Obama took no action, apparently because Blue Cross Blue Shield through its PACs (Political Action Committees) contribute large sums of Money to the reelection campaigns of the White House and the Congress. Such practices are prohibited in the US Constitution, but politicians and elected officials routinely ignore this. The reason for this may be, by Law, passed by the Congress, candidates including the President, can transfer some or all of their campaign funds to their personal bank accounts, as long as they disclose those in their tax returns and pay taxes on those items.
A case in point-Candidate Senator Obama had a personal financial net worth of under $200,000.00 when he ran for president in 2008. President Obama's Tax return filed in 2009 (available for any one to view on public web sites),showed him to have a net worth of over five million Dolars, not counting the 1.2 Million Dollars Nobel Peace prize money, which he had promised to donate to charity, but has so far not done so;-another campaign promise?
7: Click here to read the constitutional guarantee of a trial by jury.(Amendment# 7 of the US Constitution)

The US Constitution is a living document and is the Supreme Law of the United States of America. Neither the Congress nor the Supreme Court has the authority to change the US Constitution. It can only be changed through a lengthy process as specified in Article V of the US constitution which usually takes five years or longer to be enacted.
Click here to view Article V of the US Constitution.

Visit your local public library and read the US constitution, less than 35 pages long, and be amazed how the Congress and the White House, have been whittling away at your freedom and financial security, guaranteed in the Constitution, with the silent acquiescence of the Federal Courts, and the ubiquitous cover-up by the money greedy multimedia TV news. This has resulted in our elected officials diverting your hard earned dollars to their pockets and becoming extremely wealthy. Based on News Documentary producer Michael Moore's comments, which were not challenged by the US State department, that 1% of Americans controls 99% of the wealth in the US. Even in Egypt, their country's wealth, is more evenly distributed than in the US!

B. To view Federal Court of Appeals, Documents, click below:
1.Summary Sheets/Docket Sheets. Click here
2.Appellant(Plaintiff) Notice of Criminal tampering of Court Documents, with Exhibits, Click here
3 Appellant(Plaintiff) Appeal Brief with Exhibits, Click here
4.Appellate Court Orders. Click here

C. To view Illinois Federal Court Documents, Click below:
1.Summary Sheets/Docket Sheets. Click here
2.Federal Class Action Suit-The Complaint. Click here
3. The Amended Complaint. Click here
4. Judge's Orders. Click here
5. Defendants' three Motions (Requests to the court) to dismiss the case, so that they need not appear before a jury of their pears Click here for Motion (1-#38) Click here for Motion(2-#40) Click here for Motion(3-#45)
6. Class Plaintiffs' (Plaintiff Groups) Consolidated Response to the above Defendants' Motons(requests to the court)
a. To view Response Click here
b. To view Response Exhibits:Exhibit#1, Exhibit#2, Exhibit#3, Exhibit#4, Exhibit#5 . To view Response Exhibits,click on the Exhibit#.