The Conspiracy of Silence-Part X
Are we into Bush's Third Term Presidency? A Non-glitz evaluation of Presdient Obama's past 100 days in office
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Special Editorial

Dave Ryan
~ ~ Managing Editor


The concept of a two party government is obsolete under the current system of graft given to judges and politicians under the title of 'campaign contributions'. Once elected, our representatives become one unified party of 'Incumbents'.
Hence it is only fair, that during the election process we the Voters should treat the candidates as 'The Incumbents' -whether they be Democrats, Republicans or Independents'-and the 'Challengers'-are all those who run against the incumbents.

Secondly, we should learn to talk to our Representatives, as the Lobbyists do; It is also proper, since if we do not give the candidate our votes and send them to both branches of Government, all their Millions in contributions from the Exxon, the AIG, and the BOA (Bank of America) PACs, will stop, along with their Federal Pay and benefits.

When the multibillion dollar no bid contract with Halliburton Company was signed into law, at the bidding of the former White House, the Lobbyist did not achieve his goal by explaining how it will be of great benefit to the country, but by simply stating how much his employers are willing to pay/ contribute to the various parties and candidates.

So, when you talk or write to your Senators are representatives, tell them specific laws you would like enacted or specific laws you would like repealed (removed) as soon as possible. Like the Lobbyist, tell them that if you do not see these demands made into laws signed by the president, by October 15th of 2010, you, your family, your friends and your relatives will vote for his opponent, Who ever he or she may be, irrespective of any party affiliation.
You can have these achieved without any help from the White House or the Congress, if you act in a unified manner networking with your friends and relatives in your state and also outside your state. You should start working now, to achieve your goals in November 2010..

One of the repressive laws that has been on the books since 1945, cleverly shielded by our congressional representatives and covered up by out Network News media is a 'Price (Premium) fixing law', that allows Health Insurance companies to compare premiums and fix prices-the only business in the US that is allowed to do so. US is the only country in the world that has such a law in its books. This is the single most significant law that has been the cause for sky-rocketing health care cost in the US. This law also prevents foreign Health Insurance companies from selling Health Insurance policies in the US, which they could do at a fraction of the premiums charged by companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield in the various states of the US. This law is known as the 'McCarran Ferguson Anti-Trust Exemption Act' We shall be expounding this law in more detail later in our editorial. Voting collectively in a targeted manner, as the Lobbyists do, you can control the PAC wealth of all the lobbyists put together.

You may click here (Click#1) to view the Herald News Special Editorial by a practicing physician in Nebraska which deals with this issue. You may also find referenced in this article Ted Koppel's Nightline-ABC news interview with a government official and the Health Insurance spokesman where this little publicized heath law,’ The McCarran-Ferguson Anti-trust Exemption Law' is well explained. The date of this telecast is noted in this article, and you may be able to purchase this tape directly from the ABC NEWS Archives.
Tell your friends and relatives of this concept of voting all the incumbents out of office if specific laws you want, are not acted and bad laws you want removed, are not repealed (removed). Also even if you are a registered Democrat write or call the Incumbent Republican running for re-election in 2010. If the Democratic candidate is not an incumbent do not waste your time communicating with him, but wait until the year he becomes an incumbent and you have the huge cash controlling power of your vote to work for you.
You may call your city hall to find out as to which of your congressional representatives and Senators are running for reelection in the year 2010. You may not be politically inclined, but these actions may save your job, or your home from foreclosure in 2010. Having succeeded in duping the public in 2008, with the help of the current White House and the Congress, the AIG, BOA executive-inside-swindlers will repeat their performance; only this time they will demand a Trillion Dollar Bail out funding to cover their theft of funds.
We should not entirely blame them. They are only following the example set by the Bush White House which gave itself a 100% pay increase with only a 23% approval rating and the Congress, a 30% pay increase without any objections from Senator McCain or then Senator Obama.
The USA News and Information Service was the first news medium in the US, to report on the Bush pay raise.

You can expect no help from the Network News Media, for two reasons: first any money the politicians collect, 75%-80% end up in their pockets by charging exorbitant advertising time charges, during the campaign, which may be as high as in excess of a Million Dollars a minute. Secondly we do not have News Reporters of the caliber of Jim Morrow or Walter Cronkite any more. Our current reporters are no more than sales men who sell products advertised during their news cast.
It is estimated that it will cost us about $100,000 to bring this message to at least 50% of the US households, before October 2010 through our links to the major print media. You may click the Donation button to contribute to this valuable Service.
It may just save your job or prevent the company you work for, from closing down.

You are also perfectly justified in forgetting about the five or six essential laws recommended hereunder, and along with your friends and family vote every 'Incumbent' (the one running for re-elction), out of office in 2010. This will wake up the congress, and will have some salutary effect on future legislations.
To view who your Incumbent US Senator or US Representative is, click here (Click#2).

Always make sure the laws you want passed or you want removed are done and made official by the President's signature before October 15th of 2010. If not, vote him or her out in November 2010, irrespective of his or her party affiliation- consider him as an 'Incumbent'- who has failed to perform, and vote him out
At the end of this editorial we have suggested five important legislation that need to be enacted before 10-15-2010, for an Incumbent (the one running for re-elction) to get reelected. Two of these deal with health care including the legislation to repeal the price fixing exemption (from punishment), granted to Health Insurance Companies.

Now, for our Non -Glitz evaluation of President Obama's first 100 days in Office. Based on our evaluation under various criteria, President Obama gets a C-. Other select Presidents evaluated get the following scores: President Bush, his predecessor gets a D, President Lincoln A+, President Eisenhower A, President Kennedy A, President Lyndon Johnson A+
. President Obama's Performance was substandard in the following instances (Outcome based.):
1. On civil rights and sex Discrimination: The Ms. Ledbetter Case:
Ms. Ledbetter, a female employee in a Tire Company was blatantly discriminated in her wages because of her sex and received reduced compensation, unknown to her, over the past 20+ years. She lost over $200,000.00 in salary. The supreme court threw out her case as being outside the statutory limits, with reference to time in filing her case, though no such requirement is noted in the US Constitution.
Mr. Obama did not have his Justice Department challenge this action, by filing a brief with the Supreme Court to reconsider.
Even if he had lost, he could have set things right by reducing the $350 Billion bail out to Auto Insurance companies by $200,000.00 with a provision that the Auto company could renegotiate their contract with their vendors, like the tire companies etc. Since these companies sell exclusively to American Auto Companies, the Auto companies could have easily recovered their $200,000 short fall. He could then have given Ms. Ledbetter a check for $200,000, instead of a pen. We believe that is what President Johnson would have done, if this incidence should have occurred during his presidency
2. On fiscal responsibility:
The TARP bail Out of over $700 Billion of tax payer’s funds,- the largest ever with over 1000 pages was passed in a hurry without the members of the congress or the President reading even one page of it. The President spent more time choosing a family dog than in studying the TARP legislation before signing it. We have been told that several AIG attorneys were involved in the drafting of this legislation. The informants were unwilling to give a written statement. An outside special prosecutor could easily prove or disprove this.
Moreover, about $50 billion of the initial 350 billion dollars have disappeared without a trace! Though initially all the 1000 pages of the TARP Act were on the Government web site, most have since disappeared. We have salvaged some, especially the pages dealing with executive compensations. To view the Executive Compensation limits and checks, allegedly noted in the TARP law signed by President Obama click hereThe lawyers for the Columbian Drug Lords could not have chosen a better legal language to hide their loot. Though President Obama, when the News Media's TV cameras are rolling often made it a point that the executives who receive TARP funds should have their salaries caped at $200,000-$400,000. In the actual law NO DOLLAR FIGURES WERE NOTED! Instead words like 'golden parachute' etc., are mentioned.
For this attempt at hoodwinking the public Mr. Obama must take the blame and he should not blame his predecessor. You may print this and mail it to the President and ask him if he read this portion of the TARP law, before signing it. Ask him if he has fired the lawyer who drafted this portion of the TARP Act. Also his comments as to the rumors that many of the lawyers working on the TARP law were present or past employees of those companies that are being bailed out by the American tax payer. A special prosecutor is needed to check this massive loss/ theft of public funds and to see at the same time if there has been any mysterious increase in the Bank accounts of the DNC (Democratic National Committee) and the RNC (Republican National Committee).
3. Preserving the gains attained in Civil Rights:
When attempts were being made to undermine the 1964 Civil rights legislation of President Johnson, which made it possible for Mr. Obama to become the first Afro-American President of this country, he did not have his Justice Department file a Brief opposing the legislation to repeal this important Civil Rights Act. But for this Law, Mr. Obama would not even be able to register to vote, let alone, become the President of this country.

4. If following a Special Prosecutor's investigation of the TARP funds, its Legislation, etc., if it should be revealed that most of the lost billions landed in the bank account of political parties, then it is clear at least to this reporter that the main goal of the TARP funds is a secret tax imposed on the Public to fund the 2010 elections for both parties.

The Following are the 5 essential laws that you should have the incumbent senators and your incumbent congressional representatives -irrespective of party affiliation- should pass and signed into law, on or before 10-15-2010, to get your vote

I: It is a criminal offense for judges to accept cash or any form of financial assistance from attorneys, under any caption. Violators law license to be revoked and be incarcerated for a period not less than six months and not more than two years. (See the US standards, on paper, noted in our editorial, "Is there Justice for Hire in America?" and click on Click #1)

II: Attorneys be prohibited from evaluating judges (Having attorneys evaluate a judge's performance is like having prison inmates evaluate their prison warden!)

III All cases prevented from going before a jury as mandated in the VII amendment to the US Constitution, due to intervention by a judge, be automatically reviewed by the US attorney, and if abuse of judicial discretion is noted, then the judge be immediately removed from the bench. The judge shall have no immunity and shall be liable to the aggrieved party

IV: Immediate repeal (removal) of the price (premium) fixing law, known as the McCarran-Ferguson Anti-Trust Exemption Act, as it applies to health insurance companies, including those that sell Malpractice Insurance to Doctors, Hospitals and Nurses. This has been the single most significant reason for sky rocketing health costs in the US.
This has resulted in billions of dollars in unjustifiable profits to the Health Insurance companies, which turned around and contributed a portion of this, several million dollars of this, to the various representatives’ and senators’ campaign committees. The politicians and the special interest groups profited greatly from this law. Repealing this law will result in immediate savings in health care costs to the American consumer. The only losers will be the special interest groups and campaign committees of our representatives whose political contributions will be reduced significantly since the Insurance Companies’ political contributions would be low, due to the fact that they could no longer rob the public under the protection of this law.
They will fight this with a blitz of TV advertising informing you of dire consequences, health care cost increases, the collapse of the insurance industry, etc. Do not believe them. Instead also insist that foreign health insurance companies be given immediate access in the US to sell Health Insurance Policies to Americans.
The law must also have provisions that those states that block foreign companies from selling health Insurance policies should have their federal funds stopped immediately.
V:a. No health insurance law to be passed until IV is implemented and free access to foreign health insurance companies is available to all Americans.
b. Health Insurance companies, both foreign and domestic, be prohibited from contributing to any political campaigns of members of the congress or the judiciary. Those who violate the law-the givers and receivers of contributions -will be subjected to mandatory imprisonment of not less than 6 months and not more than two years.
Lobbying without money is allowed and is part of our Democratic process.
VI: (Optional) An Independant Special Prosecutor be appointed as in the case of former President Clinton’s investigations with subpoena powers to look into the theft of the TARP funds as well as to investigate the AIG, BOA and other companies that received bail out funds if there has been insider executive swindling of the companies, prior to their financial collapse, and also to identify and publish the scope and the extent of their political contributions to the congress and the judiciary.
The special prosecutor should be functioning and active on or before 10/15/2010 for you to vote for any Incumbent running for reelection.

(You may print these and mail them to your friends and families in other states also.)

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