The Conspiracy of Silence-Part XI

Read what this law is and who the winners and losers will be if this law is repealed(removed)
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Special Editorial

Dave Ryan
~ ~ Managing Editor

It is only a quack doctor who promises to heal his patient's fever without diagnosing the cause of it. Similarly our representatives in congress, when they promise to contain health care costs without clearly defining the case for runaway health costs are also practicing quackery.
Except in the case of our elected officials. They know what the root cause is, but try to hide it from the public since they have financial incentive not to focus on the one cause primarily responsible for skyrocketing health costs
. It is the law enacted by congress itself in 1945, known as the McCarran Ferguson Antitrust Exemption Act, which granted monopoly status to insurance companies including Health Insurance Companies, allowing them to fix premiums and prevent foreign competition from insurance companies that could provide coverage to Americans for a fraction of the premiums charged by American Companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, also covering all preexisting conditions.
Click here to view a summary of this law.(click#1)
If this law is repealed it will have immediate benefits to the American people and the American economy by preventing price gouging by the Insurance companies.
Though all Americans as well as the US economy will improve with the repeal (removal) of this repressive Law in the books since 1945, three powerful groups in this country will lose and will have their ill begotten income shrink.
Click here to see who these groups are(Click#2)
A usual trick that the elected officials play on the public is by introducing bills, both in the House of Representatives and the Senate to repeal (remove) this law, before the elections, and quietly after the elections, with the help of colleagues from both parties, hold those in committees and kill them.
The most recent ruse is by Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, introduced a bill in the Yr 2007 to repeal this Law, amidst much publicity, only to kill it in 2009 once the election was over.
To view this bill Click here (Click # 3) and to view the notice of its demise, click here (Click# 4) The senate judiciary committee is charged with the constitutional authority to safeguard all Americans from crooked judges and crooked laws introduced by self interested groups. Six of its nineteen members are up for reelection in November 2010, including its chairman, Senator Patrick Healy, Democratic Senator from the State of Vermont. .
You should hold them responsible for most of your financial owes and write to your friends and relatives in the states they represent, to vote for their opponents who ever they may be. The following are the other five Senators, running for re-election in November 2010:
1. Senator Patrick J. Leahy, Democrat from the Sate of Vermont.
2. Senator Russell Feingold, Democrat from the State of Wisconsin
3. Charles Schumer, , Democrat from New York
4. Arlan Specter, Democrat from Pennsylvania
5. Charles, Grassley, Republican from Iowa.
6. Tom Coburn, Republican from Okalahoma
To know their contact information, click #6 below and follow the links.
Legislation for hire is unacceptable in a free society like ours.
The only constructive opinion voiced from the Congress after the Bail Out debacle, was from the Senator Mark Warner from Virginia, who commented that the failure of our Economy was the lack of honor in American Society and added that the AIG officials, if they were Japanese, would have committed Hara-kiri for their sins-paraphrased.

Respect to Truth and honor used to be the American tradition in the days of our founding fathers; remember the youthful life of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, being referred to, as Honest Abe. This tradition of Honor and respect for absolute truth is still the hall mark in many foreign cultures, and is found among many presently Naturalized US citizens living among us.

The moneyed junta that is now controlling all three branches of the government is scared of this group of Americans, who have the old American values of Honor, respect for Truth and respect for the US constitution.
These representatives of the junta are afraid of this group of Americans, since if it should get control of the White House, their days will be numbered.
Hence they publicize through the News Media they control that only a Natural born US citizen could become the President of this country. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Click here to see what is the requirements as per the US Constitution- the Supreme Law of this country-to be elected to the office of US President; Click here for the explanation.
A Naturalized American president, in the Tradition of George Washington, will not compromise the Truth or tolerate fraud. He will ride into Washington with the zeal of Oliver Cromwell, but without the sword, with his pen and the US constitution, which gives awesome power to the President, will clear all three branches of the government of fraud and the influence of money by declaring all campaign contributions, euphemism in America for bribes, as illegal punishable by incarceration. He will also declare all elected officials in the three branches of the US government are prohibited from accepting even a penny from any source other than their statutory salaries.
Such a president of the people elected by the people will not come on talk show and call the crooks of the hedge funds or derivatives, which are not backed by any securities, as 'Wise guys'. One of these 'Wise guys', one of the chief architects of the Hedge Funds, has been recently arrested for securities fraud! The Hedge Fund collapse, many non-governmental economists, feel triggered the Economic Downfall in the US.
We have such an individual in our midst, a Naturalized citizen for over 20 years, has held leadership position in Governmental as well as private agencies and has been the owner of a successful business for over 15 years with his average income in the six figure range.
The most important qualification, we believe is that he has not held a single elected office, again in the tradition of George Washington, the only president in the US history to be unanimously elected twice to the Presidency of the United States.
His more mundane achievements are single handedly fought the practice of Legislation for hire in Washington through organizations he belonged to and his single handed research of the US Laws, revealed the presence of the Health Insurance Companies Monopoly Act on the books since 1945, well hidden by the congress and the news media, which is the primary cause for increased health care costs in the US. Thus the US Congress itself is the main culprit for increased health care cost in the US.
Why should the Congress indulge in such un-American activities- the greed for money-since the Insurance industries after premium gouging the American people, turn around and give a portion of their loot to members of the Congress as campaign contributions. Through various loop holes in the law, placed there by the law -makers 0%-100% of these funds could be 'legally' diverted to their personal bank accounts, provided these funds are declared as income in their tax returns. He has also fought Justice for hire in the US State and Federal Courts and provided us with 'inside information' which has been the main source in our reporting on 'Court Fraud in the USA'.
We shall reveal this individual in our next publication after consulting with him.
Click here to see who the nine foreign born US Presidents were.

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