The Conspiracy of Silence-Part XII

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and the Shackling of the US Constitution, by the Three Branches of the US Government for their own financial gain.
Read the steps we must take, starting NOW, TO SET OURSELVES FREE IN 2012.

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Special Editorial

Dave Ryan
~ ~ Managing Editor

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Many of the Display files in this article were destroyed by Hacker Attacks and are being reposted. Hacking in the US is a felony with long prison terms.Hence they are very expensive and only shady governments and crooked war & drug lord could afford them. Talk about China and Iran blocking their people's access to the Internet! Hence, we advice you to promptly print or save these downloadable documents. The sure sign of a junta or a dictatorship's existance is the prevention of information spreading among its people.
See for yourself, then believe and act-Spread the message through all means at your disposal and DONATE. Later we will post our candidates Manifesto, if he chooses to run for the office of the 45th.US President, in 2012.

It is often said, with a stoic resolution that Campaign Contributions are necessary evil, to preserve our Democracy. Otherwise, they argue, that only Millionaires will be elected to the White House and the Congress. This feeling is also fueled by the financially powerful news media, since 70-80 cents out of each Dollar spent on National Campaigns ends up in their pockets. The late Senator Barry Goldwater, recognized the power of the news media in brain washing the American people, for which the media pilloried him, resulting in his election defeat
Nothing could be farther from the truth; Multi-Millionaires Mr.Ross Perot and Mr. Romney tried to capture the White House and failed even to get their party's endorsement.
The only constructive opinion voiced from the Congress after the Bail Out debacle, was from the Senator Mark Warner from Virginia, who commented that the failure of our Economy was the lack of honor in American Society and added that the AIG officials, if they were Japanese, would have committed Hara-kiri for their sins -paraphrased.

Respect to Truth and honor used to be the American tradition in the days of our founding fathers.
The tentacles of greed has permeated all three branches of our Government-the White House, the Congress and the Courts. By example we will show how each of the three branches broke their election promises to the people, and once elected, rolled up their sleeves to work for the Special Interest Groups which they derided during their campaign speeches, with only one purpose, to get elected and then work for the special interest groups.

A judge in the USA earns only 30 cents on the dollar from his regular salary. The balance comes from bribes from attorneys who practice in his court captioned as 'Campaign Contributions' As an example Click here to view the Judge's Financial disclosure(click#1)

to see this Tennessee Judge’s sworn financial disclosure statement. His annual salary is less than $40,000.00 per year. Yet in the full disclosed statements, his 3 monthly total 'take' is about $30,000.00, which translates to about $120,000 per year, or four times his legal salary! Moreover, over 90% of contributors are lawyers who practice in his court.
If we allow judges to indulge in such unconstitutional and unlawful behavior, then we should not complain if we are served with tainted justice and Court sponsored fraud, when we use the US Court system.
A president, chosen by the people and not the Trial Lawyers Lobby, will put an immediate end to such practices through his Presidential Proclamation, and enforce it with his Justice Department and its Special Prosecutor.
The only impediment in gaining the fundamental right guaranteed in the US constitution to every American of untainted and unbiased justice in the US, is the will or lack thereof, of the American people.
If you are still having trouble viewing this Judge's Discloure Document, go to the front page and on the left Index column, click on 'Is there justice for hire in America' and click on Click#7 of this article, Scroll down to the last page-page#7 and see what this judg'e 3 months' take is! (Such practices are prohibited in the US Constitution. A president elected by the people, could put an immediate end to this by declaring these practices as unconstitutional and enforce his ordinance by his Justice Department. The US Constitution gives the President the authority to imprison those who violate the US Constitution, in Federal Prisons.
In no other country in the world is such a dysfunctional judiciary system tolerated. It is possible only in the USA, because just like the White house and Congress, the Courts also work for he special interest groups-in the case we analysed and published under the title of 'Court Fraud in the USA'. The sovereign master of the courts, in this case in Hamilton County. Tennessee is the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. This influence over the Courts is obtained, by funneling large sums of money through the Law firm that represents Blue Cross Blue Shield interests in TN,-The Miller and Martin Law Firm in Chattanooga, TN. It is the statutory responsibility of the Justice Department, appointed by Presdient Obama to prevent this and have such judges immediately removed from the bench. Hence the Obama administration should be held accountable. The Plaintiffs in this case, referred this fraud with supporting documents, justice for hire perpetrated against them, to Senator Patrick Leahy-Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who is running for re-election from the State of Vermont in November 2010. The US Constitution gives the American People the ultimate authority. Hence, we encourage you to call and write to your friends and relatives in the State of Vermont, to vote for any candidate-Republican, Democrat or Independent- running against him. We must also realize, as long as legislators are allowed to accept large sums of money from outside sources, legislation for hire will be a reality in USA.

Remember the youthful life of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, being referred to, as Honest Abe. This tradition of Honor and respect for absolute truth is still the hall mark in many foreign cultures, and is found among many presently Naturalized US citizens living among us.

The moneyed junta that is now controlling all three branches of the government is scared of this group of Americans, who have the old American values of Honor, respect for Truth and respect for the US constitution.
These representatives of the junta are afraid of this group of Americans, since if it should get control of the White House, their days will be numbered.
Hence they publicize through the News Media they control that only a Natural born US citizen could become the President of this country. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Click here to see what is the requirements as per the US Constitution (cLICK#2) - the Supreme Law of this country-to be elected to the office of US President; Click here for the explanation.(cLICK#3)
A Naturalized American president, in the Tradition of George Washington, will not compromise the Truth or tolerate fraud. He will ride into Washington with the zeal of Oliver Cromwell, but without the sword, with his pen and the US constitution, which gives awesome power to the President, will clear all three branches of the government of fraud and the influence of money by declaring all campaign contributions, euphemism in America for bribes, as illegal punishable by incarceration. He will also declare all elected officials in the three branches of the US government are prohibited from accepting even a penny from any source other than their statutory salaries as specified in the US Constitution
Such a president of the people elected by the people will not come on talk show and call the crooks of the hedge funds or derivatives, which are not backed by any securities, as 'Wise guys'. One of these 'Wise guys', one of the chief architects of the Hedge Funds, has been recently arrested for securities fraud! The Hedge Fund collapse, many non-governmental economists, feel triggered the Economic Downfall in the US.
We have such an individual in our midst, a Naturalized citizen for over 20 years, has held leadership position in Governmental as well as private agencies and has been the owner of a successful business for over 15 years with his average income in the six figure range.
The most important qualification, we believe is that he has not held a single elected office, again in the tradition of George Washington, the only president in the US history to be unanimously elected twice to the Presidency of the United States.
His more mundane achievements are single handedly fought the practice of Legislation for hire in Washington through organizations he belonged to and his single handed research of the US Laws, revealed the presence of the Health Insurance Companies Monopoly Act on the books since 1945, well hidden by the congress and the news media, which is the primary cause for increased health care costs in the US.
Click here to read President Obama's response to our CEO, Mr.Frank's querry regarding this Anti-American Law. Thus the White House and the US Congress are the main culprits, for increased health care cost in the US.
Why should the Congress indulge in such un-American activities- the greed for money-since the Insurance industries after premium gouging the American people, turn around and give a portion of their loot to members of the Congress as campaign contributions. Through various loop holes in the law, placed there by the law -makers 0%-100% of these funds could be 'legally' diverted to their personal bank accounts, provided these funds are declared as income in their tax returns. He has also fought Justice for hire in the US State and Federal Courts and provided us with 'inside information' which has been the main source in our reporting on 'Court Fraud in the USA'.
To see who the nine foreign born US Presidents were, Who served this country with honor and dedication, Click here (CLICK#4)

(You may print these and mail them to your friends and families in other states for non-commercial use.) or link our web address to your face book or My Space and counter act the Network Media Brain washing. None of these pundits of the news media ever mentioned the presence of the Health Insurance Monopolies law on the books, while talking about health reform.
Our CEO, Mr. FRank asked the same question to President Obama. Click here to read the question and the President's response.(Click#4a)
About half a dozen congressman have pounced on the charade of repealing this law, and may even put forth a bill like the HR3590 is being passed off as the new Health Insurance reform Law, when it is not. The prefix HR donates this to be just a bill, without the President's signature. Once the president signs this bill, it become the law and has the prefix PL. Without the president's signature. HR3590 is not worth the paper it was written. No one has seen the actual law version of this bill-allegedly PL 111-148. Click here to see the email from a US Congressional Representative to Mr.Frank, our CEO, confirming this(Click 4(b))
The law itself is well hidden so the Health Insurance Lawyers, who unlike us have free access to the various chambers of the government including the White House, could add some goodies to this secret law.Click here to view the final signature page of this Health Law, costing One Trillion Dollars to tax payers!(Click#4c)
Right off the bat, if you read the HR 3590, though there are sanctions and fines for those who are under-employed and unable to purchase insurance, only a fleeting mention was made, more like a prayer, that the Insurance companies will also try to cover pre-existing conditions. There is no mention of fines or sanctions to the Insurance companies, if they failed to provide the coverage.
The cash heavy health Insurance lobby-rich through premium gouging the public through their Health Insurance Monopolies Law, in the books since 1945-to make sure the Law becomes further ineffective added various illogical and absurd amendments, by persons unknown.
What the Congress and the White house giveth with one hand it taketh away with the other! Click here(Click#4d)

If you experience trouble viewing this page, due to hacker attacks, you may click here
This again is a de ja vu (repeat performance) of the TARP legislative fraud committed against the American tax payer, where in public Mr. Obama and Ms Pelosi vehemently stated that the executive pays of those benefiting from the 780 Billion dollar bail out from the tax payers, should not exceed $400,000, a rather high and outrageous amount in itself, was mysteriously removed, and vague terms like 'Golden Parachute' etc., substituted. Moreover the amount they could spend without Federal supervision was also increased by about 10 fold
”Click here(cLICK#5)

Congress did no better in their Health Reform efforts, by covering up the Health Insurance Monopolies Act (Law) of 1945, since the masters they all work for are the Health Insurance Cash Heavy Lobbyists.
If you still have trouble viewing this, Click here (cLICK#6)
The Courts , both Federal and State faired no better in their integrity or respect for the Law and the US Constitution. The courts by the actions of their judges and lawyers violate the Commandment VII & IX of the Ten Commandments of the Judeo-Christian faith on a daily basis. They also frequently violate Amendment VII and Article V of the US Constitution, to dispense injustice and in doing so enrich themselves.(Read our prior editorial on Court Fraud in USA, look at the documents on line and be convinced.)
The three branched of our Government ,presently controlled by greed, having stripped the American Tax payer to bare bones by adding unspecified private taxes on them like the Insurance Monopoly Law, and laws that exempt Credit card companies from being subjected to the usury laws of the state they do business in. by registering their companies in Delaware and South Dakota, Though this is a violation of state laws and several general principles outlined in the US constitution, it is made possible through the Credit card companies massive campaign contributions in excess of 9 billion dollars, during the 2004 election year as per an expose editorial by investigative reporter Mr. Brian Ross.
One of the few public minded lawyers, who has also served two terms as a State Legislator lamented the fact, that we do not have men of integrity and honor that was the norm in the 17th-18th. Century America and lamented the fact we could not go back in time and recruit one them as our future presidential candidate.
Senator Mark Warner's comments quoted above, gives this reporter hope, that such a person could be found, if we look among our new First generation Americans, who have immigrated from cultures similar to our 17th century American Culture
The current junta of moneyed interests that control all three branches are afraid of this group of Americans endowed with honor and integrity. USA news and Information service believes that we have found such a person. Like our first Presidetn, George Washington, who was also foreign born- born in the British Colony of Virginia, and swore allegiance to the English crown, our Presidential candidate for 2012 is also foreign born and had served in the armed forces of the US as a Commanding Officer.
When we informed him of our choice, he was pleasantly surprised, and said that leading the American people out of their financial bondage will be a more monumental task than Moses faced, leading the Jews from their bondage to the Egyptian Pharaoh; at least the Jews did not have a multimedia news extolling the virtues of the Pharaoh and telling the people, the hardships they suffer was all for their own good and well being.
He was not sure if the American people really wanted to be free- else they would not be voting for the same candidates who bring them misery over and over again.
He also observed that we do not have a two party system any more, but a single party- the party to serve the heavy campaign contributors.
A third party is not the answer, since the deluge of money thrown at a congressman will soon convert him to a single party system. as previously mentioned.
A presidential candidate, outside the ranks of the congress and the white house, could use the awesome powers vested in the President by the US Costitution, and could bring immediate relief to the American people. Case in point, since such a President does not get his marching orders from the lobbyists, could declare un-American laws, like the Health Insurance monopolies law that prevents any action by the anti-price fixing/ premium fixing legislation that affect all Americans, except the Insurance Industy, shielded by this anti-American Law. The president chosen from the ranks of the people and not the lobbyists, would by Presidential Proclamation repeal these laws as Unconstitutional, and enforce his actions by his Justice Department and if need be by his sword (the army, navy and the air force.)

It is the remarkable wisdom and foresight of our founding fathers, that they gave the Sword, only to the President- not the Congress, and not the Supreme Court.
He also said that before he accepts the offer to lead, the people should demonstrate their willingness to act in unison and join Dave's TRO (Throw the Rascals Out) Party.

Specifically, most of our misery is due to the inactions of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who should be diligently watching for Anti-American and un Constitutional laws like the Insurance Companies Monopolies act, bring them to the attention of the Justice department to have it repealed through legislative or presidential action. Six members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are running for reelection and not one of them should be reelected. To see who these six are click here(Click#7) and write to your family and friends in the states they reside, to vote them out.
They are all running for reelection this year, most in November 2010.
Based on the election results, he will declare his candidacy in early 2011.
Our candidate has promised to fight to unshackle the US Constitution, and will fight with the zeal of Oliver Cromwell of England, but without the sword, but with the clear mandates given in the Constitution. The US Constitution was written entirely by ordinary people like us. There was not a single licensed lawyer or judge involved in the creation of this historic document. Most of the Articles of the US Constitution were written by Benjamin Franklin, a scientist and reporter.
Let us use our votes wisely. Members of the Congress act as a single party. To counter act this Congressional power, irrespective of our party affiliation, let us unite under Dave’s TRO party, and choosing the right leader for 2012- a leader who not only will change the cover of the book, but also change the script and the story, so that it will be in tune with the US constitution which guarantees individual freedom and control over the individual’s government, and not the other way around.
President Obama sometimes refers to Americans as being 'stupid'. The following quote has been attributed to President Lincoln (paraphrased),"You may fool some people all the time, and all the people sometimes, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. If we again reelect any one of the 536 elected officials of the US Government- the additional member denotes the occupant of the White House, who will be an incumbent in 2012, then we would have proved, that Mr. Lincoln was wrong and President Obama was right.

As noted in our Front Page, the following are the verified ethical and moral qualifications of our Presidential Candidate:
1. He is a practicing Christian and has abided by the Ten Commandments of the Judeo-Christian faith from his youth.
2. He has never used illegal drugs, including marijuana.
3. He has not smoked cigarretts, before the legal age to do so; presently a non-smoker.
4. He has not taken alcoholic beverages, before the leagal age to do so; presently an occassional social drinker.
He has been a US citizen for over twenty years (The US Constitutional requirement is fourteen years or more) and he is over thirty five years of age (The US Constitutional requirement is thirty five years of age or more). In the tradition of George Washington, our First Foreign Born and Naturalized US president, he is a Veteran of the US Armed Forces, where he had served as a Commanding Officer.

To read his Manifesto, click here.(Click#8)

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