The Conspiracy of Silence-Part VI
Is there Justice for Hire in America (updated)? An in depth analysis of a case.

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Special Editorial

Dave Ryan
~ ~ Managing Editor.


This case shows the horrible reality of plantation type justice the average citizen faces to day when he seeks the help of the Courts- both Federal & State-to recover theft of stolen funds through white collar fraud by a powerful lobby rich entity, like the Blue cross Blue shield of Tennessee.
This is the saga of Veteran Commanding Office of the USAF/R who we shall refer to as Veteran MD, since he is also a Board certified specialist. When he filed suit to recover the stolen funds, which is substantial, in both Federal and State Courts, to his horror he found that the fraud committed by Blue Cross Blue Shield, pales in comparison to the fraud committed against the American people and him from the bench, by the judges-both State and Federal. We will identify these judges and you can view the official documents and court records on which we base our assumption by clicking on the links. These links are numbered for your convenience.

We also plan to interview these three judges in the near future, and you can listen to this interview by clicking on the Voice Link.

The Judicial standards for Judges, at least on paper, and showcased to the World is set forth in the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Patrick Leahy's (Senator from Vermont) letter to the US Supreme court. Please click here to view (Click#1)
For members of the Senate Judiciary Committee Click here (Click#2)
What we have found are the following:
1. Judges accepting large contributions from cash heavy litigant like blue cross blue shield through their lawyers and shamelessly presiding over the cases where blue cross blue shield is involved as impartial judges. It makes a mockery of Judicial standards as noted in Senator Leahy's (Senator from Vermont) letter as well as the code of judicial ethics noted in Rule 10 of the TN Supreme court You will be able to click and view this judge’s financial disclosure form
2.Judges claiming jurisdiction if the price is right , to sell their judicial favors and indulge in destroying records to sanitize their actions.
3. Judges allowing litigants to choose their own judges, soon they will also allow, if the price is right, possibly to choose their own jury. You may view these documents and judge for yourself.
4. Not to be left out a Magistrate judge in Nashville Federal courts, delayed the Veteran MDs, filing by 24 hours, so that favorable ruling could be handed to the defendants-you guessed it right- the Blue Cross Blue Shield and other Co-defendants.
5. This same magistrate judge over ruled a US supreme court decision which was favorable to the Plaintiff , the Veteran, and inserted her own law instead. You may click and view the Supreme Court's Order, she single handedly overturned by clicking on the link.
To get more favor from the wealthy cash heavy defendants she blocked all discovery so evidence could not be presented against them. This is noted on the Federal Court Docket sheet. This is also a violation of the above ruling by the US Supreme Court.
6. She also released a white ethnic physician who lied under oath by submitting a false affidavit, as defendant.
Unlike the black Detroit Mayor who is serving prison term for lying to preserve his marriage regarding an extra marital affair, this Doctor lied to cover up his illegal and unethical practices and theft of the Veteran's funds.
We will be forwarding our findings to the involved lawyers in the Detroit case since this is occurring in a Federal Court. In the Public's interest, we will be forwarding a copy to the NAACP, since apartheid justice which is prohibited in South Africa today should not be tolerated in the US today.
Judges who subscribe to such policies be immediately be removed from the bench and referred to a grand jury for their review.
7. You may also read the convoluted reasoning which, brought a chuckle to this reporter's face, when she relieved the Veteran’s former attorney ,who closed the case without his client’s knowledge to give Blue Cross Blue Shield and others a win, possibly for large sums of money above or under the table.
Click here to read the Magistrate Judge’s Order(Click#3)
Click here to see the Veteran MD's Suit (Click#4)
filed in Federal Court in Nashville TN, against the Defendants Blue Cross Blue Shield and others, filed with more than 30 Exhibits.
Read her Alice in Wonder land reasoning by clicking on Click #3, and scroll down to page # 15, read the last 3 lines where this Federal Magistrate judge states," errors on the part of Defendant Allen.....led to this unfavorable judgment.....a breach of Defendant Allen's duty to the Plaintiff. On the next page (page 16) 3rd. line from the top, she states, 'Plaintiff (the Veteran) had discharged the services of Defendant Allen...any damages suffered by the Defendant Allen were cured (corrected, voided has become invalid)!!and dismissed him from going before a jury. If this type of reasoning were true, then if a father notices gross malpractice being committed against his daughter by her surgeon, should terminate the surgeon and transfer her care to another surgeon, who corrects the botched up surgery and saves his daughter's life, must not be allowed to sue her former surgeon? As a judge she should know that it is not so. Apparently she believes that lawyers have special privileges that absolves them of civil and criminal wrongdoings.
If that is her attitude, we believe she should have excused herself from the case and not masquerade as an impartial judge.

The case was reopened about a month later by the Veteran who filed an amended complaint including his crooked former lawyer as a codefendant.
8.As a final act of disparate justice, this Magistrate judge, freed all the defendants, and recommended to the District Judge, that the case against
the Defendants (submitted with 33 exhibits and hospital records and TN Board of Examiners Physician Profile data) should not be presented
to a Jury. This effectively denied the Veteran the VII Amendment rights of the US Constitution, guaranteed to every citizen in the US, that in a case of a value in excess of $20.00, the trial by a jury shall not be denied; it is the Supreme law of this Country.
It can only be changed by another Amendment, voted by 2/3 majority of the US Congress, and becomes Law after it is ratified by 3/4 of the
50 States of the US. This cannot be changed even by the US Supreme Court. Certainly not to be changed by a junior Magistrate judge from a lower Federal Court in Nashville, TN who might have animosity and prejudices against Veterans, minorities and working people, which would include most Americans.
Click here to view the other Unlawful and Criminal acts of this Magistrate Judge-Judge Juliet Griffin (Click# 4A), of the Federal Court in Nashville, TN Explanation of exhibits-refernced as per your Computer screen pages:
1. Postal receipt dated 9/11/08 at 1:31 PM, of an Important Response from Plaintiff the Veteran- giving factual evidences with citations of law as to why as per facts filed with the court and as per Federal Laws, including the US Constitution, the Defendants' Motions to disamiss the case against them be denied, was delayed being placed and logged on to the Court Docket by over 24 hours. (Incidentally all the Motions, responses communications received from the Defendants were logged and Docketted on the same day as when received by the Court! This costitutes 'Mail Fraud' under USC statutes.

2. Page 2 of your screen-also referenced as page 15 of 16. Document #100 and #101 of Juliet Griffin removing all the defendants from liabilities and as such removing them from being presnted to a jury of their peers. In doing so she also removed a purgerer-Dr. Chad Griffin- who lied under oath regarding his unethical and unlawful Business practices, a white ethnic American like herself, from being presented before a jury. A black Mayor in Detroit Michigan who lied under oath, to save his marriage, is spending time in a penitentiary. In addition to fraud based justice, is there also a Color based Justice in America? You be the judge. The USA News and Information Service committed to fairness in the system of justice in our country is forwarding this Editorial along with copies of exhibits on file with this court, to Attorney Philip Thomas, attorney for former Mayor Kilpatrick of Detroit, the NAACP and Congressman Al Sharpton, New York, NY. If the Documents were documented and logged in the Order received, then the Veteran's Response would have the #100, and JUdge Griffin's negative recommendations whicxh were filed 24 hours later would not be numbered as #101 & #102. This gives a false impression that the Plaintiff's response was not available to the judge, when she made the ruling! This is a corruption of the Three Proverbial Monkeys-'See No Evil. Speak No Evil and Hear No evil- to 'See No Truth, Speak No Truth and Hear No Truth'. Moreover the Plaintiff- the Veteran physician's responses were filed 3-5 days after receipt by the court. Whereas theDefendants' filings were dcoketed the same day as when they were received.. One need not be a lawyer to know that the Magistrate Judge's actions were aimed at giving the Defendants, an unlawful advantage. She has also scrambled the Veteran's responses before filing so that if there were an Appeal to the Federal Appellate Court in Ohio, the Fraud committed against him and the American people by the Federal trial court in Nashville, TN could not be identified. This also constitutes felony under 28 USC. Section 455
These fraudulent acts of the Magistrate Judge, Juliet Griffin, were promptly endorsed by the US Federal District judge, Judge Aleta A. Trauger. This is akin to two individuals looking at the moon and calling it the sun or looking at a table, calling it a chair, to hoodwink the public.
Click here to view Amendment VII of the US Constitution(Click#5)
Click here to view Article V of the US Constitution(Click#6)
In European and Asian Democracies, such judges are promptly removed from the bench and referred to a Central Prosecutor to be presented to
a grand jury for indictment. Since this information was attained on a hearsay basis, to be absolutely sure that our information is accurate, we will be
forwarding our case findings to the embassies of the UK.,Canada, India, China and Russia for their firm confirmation or denial

Now, for the State Court Fraud against the Veteran-a)The Hamilton County and b)the White County courts: a) The Hamilton County Circuit Court judge:
-Judge Jerfrey Hollingsworth, of Chattanooga TN, having received large campaign contributions from the lawyers for Blue CRoss Blue Shield-the law firm of Miller & Martin.(Refer to on line view-click #7, below) allowed the Blue Cross and the Blue Shield (BCBS)to file a suit against him in his court for filing a complaint against Blue Cross Blue Shield regarding their fraudulent credentialing practices, with the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) in Chantilly VA.
. The NPDB investigated his complaint and found it to be valid and the Credentialing Chairman, Dr.Barnett was placed on its cautionary list under 'credentialing fraud'. Dr.Barnett, of BCBS- who when stripped of his Credentials conferred by BCBS, by training is a family practitioner with minimal qualification and no hospital privileges.
This reporter had sent the chart and their complaint to about half a dozen attorneys in Illinois and Tennessee and all of them were of the opinion that the jurisdiction rested in the Federal Courts in Virginia. (These were verbal reports and they declined to give this reporter a written report even if he was willing to pay for it.)Later on, quite recently the Veteran found out through official documents maintained by the State election commission, that Judge Jeffrey Hollingsworth has been the recipient of large sums of money from the Law firm of MIller and Martin, the lawyers for Blue Cross and Blue Shield in their suit against the Veteran MD. These bribes were given to the judge under the title of 'campaign contributions'.
Click here to view the Judge's Financial disclosure(Click#7)

and view page 4 of this document.) If this is not justice for hire.....what else is?
The Veteran has filed a formal complaint with the TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation) and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Invetigation) against this judge.
Our politicians tell us we live in a Global Economy and should constantly update our standards.... all the while accepting bribe money captioned as campaign contributions, and doling out legislation favoring the Specila Interest groups like the Blue Cross Blue Shield, often detrimental to the financial and physical health of the tax payer. These sweet heart laws are disguied as 'Ear Marks', by our crafty politicians. We also live in a global standards of Law and Judiciary. In the UK, Canada and India, the very fact of accepting financial contributions from one party, and agreeing to preside and adjudicate the case against the veteran, Judge Hollingsworth has shown fraudulent intent, which would be sufficient to remove him from the bench and be referred to the Central government prosecutiors through police action. No such laws are in existence in the US. We must demand our senators and congressional representatives to do so immediately, and let them know that failure to do so will result in their losing their relelction in ______ and note down the month and yr. when they run for reelection.(You may call your city hall to get this information.) Untainted Judicial relief is every American Tax payers' right, not a privilege.
If President -elect Obama does not have an effective legislation for him to sign, outlawing under threat of felony conviction, all forms of political contributions, payments to elected officials and judges under any caption, within 100 days of taking office - his CHANGE will only be temporary- and the American People who have patiently suffered so long, will not tolerate this, and he should be considered ONLY AS A ONE TERM PRESIDENT.
Click here to view the NPDB report on Dr.Barnett(Click#8)
Dr.Barnett and the BCBS allowed participation and thus payment for their services for several physicians who have had several malpractice settlements or judgments against them, some in excess of a Million Dollars. Our review of the credentials of some of the physicians approved for payment revealed a shocking truth. BCBS also allowed participation and payments to a Non-Board certified physician, practicing in Nashville, TN who has shown gross negligence and incompetence in removing his patients only normal kidney and left her cancer kidney inside her!
All his bills for services performed on patients insured with BCBS were promptly paid including his bill for the botched up surgery!.
Click here (Click#9), to review the official physician data maintained by the Tennessee Board of Medicine and judge for yourself
Our review of the credentials and qualifications of the physician- a Veteran Commanding officer of the USAF- revealed that he is the most qualified physician practicing in that region, being Board certified and Boston University trained and with an impeccable track record, with no malpractice awards against him over more than 15 years of practices, was denied participation, and thus payment for his services by BCBS of Tennessee.
This can only occur in a country like ours, where in recent years, all three branches of the government as well as the main stream media, have been hijacked by moneyed interests full of greed, fraud and deception!
Suing the Veteran MD in a Court presided by Judge Jeffrey Hollingsworth, is similar to a bank robber having been caught red-handed and serving time in a penitentiary, suing his victim who complained about him to the police, in a court which had no jurisdiction over the case except the fact the presiding judge has received large sums of money from the robber's lawyers! Such affront to the rule of law can only occur in a country ruled by a junta of moneyed interests. We plan to interview these three judges in the near future and you may listen to this interview by clicking on the Voice Link.
Justice for hire is not tolerated in third World countries and in many Communist countries and must not be tolerated in the US. In these countries, such judges are promptly removed from the bench and are prosecuted.
In conducting our investigations, we have the clear mandate from Justice Warren E. Burger, past Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, who has stated in his official capacity:
'A Court which is final and unreviewable, needs more careful scrutiny than any other. Unreviewable power is the most likely to self-indulge and least likely to engage in dispassionate self analysis.......In a country like ours, no public institution, or the people who operate it, can be above public debate."

b.) The White County Circuit Court-Presiding Judge: Judge John Turnbull allowed the Defendants to choose their own judge- himself-for their asking. The Veteran's case, filed under Judge Maddux through random selection was trnsferred to judge Turnbull's docket at the request of Dr. Grifin, the rest of the defendants flew in under the radar so to speak and were granted Judge Turnbull's docket without even filing a motion. Moreover, this judge has caused the court records to be altered to falsely indicate that the case was initially filed under his name. Judge Maddux's name was totally deleted from the records. Most State judges in TN earn 100% to 300% of their regular salary from their campaign contributions. Judge Turnbull has noted his contribtions received to be "0" . This will cause one to wonder whether Judge Turnbull is a saint or a sinner. Saints do not go about falsifying court records and do not dispense 'Justice for Hire'.
Click here to view Judge Turnbull's unlawful acts (Click# 10)
(Breaking News: Judge Turnbull has suddenly resigned/retired, as of June 15, 2009)

Click here to view Judge Turnbull's campaign financial statements (Click# 11). This Disclosure statement had several unreported periods of time through which a determined lawyer could have driven a mac truck full of money. Our several attempts to contact the judge's campaign treasurer, were unsuccessful.

Hence, since it became obvious to the Veteran that the courts in Tennessee would torpedo his case on technicality and prevent it from being presented to a jury, which is the right of every US citizen, and being a Veteran, sent letters to the two Presidential Candidates, Senator John Mc Cain and (then) Senator Barack Obama, since the Veteran is a permanent resident of Illinois. His request was to have the Justice Department get involved, by filing a 'Friend of the Court Brief'- usually a two page document-and shepherd his case before a jury, so that judges who have axes to grind may not shoot it down.
Since issues raised as to why the USA has slipped from its number two spot with reference to life expectancy to number 27, behind some third World countries in a matter of just ten years, and why when it comes to payments for Physicians' services, the incompetent and Malpractice prone physicians are paid in preference to well qualified physicians with no malpractice history?
The response this Veteran Commanding Officer in the US Air Force received, from these two candidates-' A Maverick' and a Candidate for 'Change', was a deafening silence!
Hearing the plight of the Veteran, it has become quite clear to this reporter at least, that we the American people have changed the color of the book-cover without changing the script or the story.
In our next editorial we will inform you of the step by step process we should take in a unified manner, to impose this change, without any help from the White House or the Congress.
We will deal with this at length, in our next Editorial.
We will start with Health Care- and reveal to you some secret laws that have been on the books since 1945, covered up by our elected officials and the Network News Media, which have been the primary cause for skyrocketting health care costs; these laws also prevent competition, especially from foreign health insurance companies which could supply health coverage at a fraction of the premiums charged by the American Health insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield of the vatious states in the US.

We are happy to note that the Veteran Plaintiff has filed formal charges against these three judges with the FBI and the TBI. We would recommend that the Veteran MD refile his complaints aginst the judges in January of 2009, when a New Administration and a New Justice Department is in force in Washington, DC.
It is quite apparent that we the electorate have been sending actors to the two branches of our government. If we want good actors in the White House, we should vote for Mr. Mel Gibson.
Hence we at the USA News & Info service have compiled three important questions, which during the myriads of debates the news media and the moderators of the debate did not ask. You may copy these and mail them to President Obama: You may include a stamped envelope for the convenience of his staff.

These are as follows:
1. Will you as President, within 30 days of taking office, in your White House Web site or a secure Easily accessible Website with an easily remembered web address (for which no congressional action is needed), publish the titles and the true summaries of the resolutions or bills, the Voting records of all members of the congress since the day you took office, their party affiliations, their congressional district or senatorial state, and the dates when they are up for Re-Election? (This is done to make the Government more transparent, and an opportunity for the public to weed out those who work for special interest groups within the Congress) YES ____NO ___ (please check one.)
2. Will you as President within 60 days of taking office, through your friendly congressional representatives introduce a Resolution/ Bill outlawing all campaign contributions or any form of payment to any elected official in any form or shape, in any branch of the government; those who violate the Law-those who give as well as those who receive- be subject to felony prosecution with mandatory prison terms not less than 6 months, or greater than 5 years? YES ____NO ___ (please check one.)
3.)Will you as President, within 75 day of taking office appoint a commission, consisting primarily of members selected from public interest groups as to how National elections could be publicly funded with no appreciable tax burden as in India or Russia or funding through private Industry as is done in the Olympics, which like the National Presidential elections, occur once in four years with no tax increase to the citizens of the hosting country? Else there will not be such intense competition among the countries to host the Olympics. This is achieved by giving exclusive rights, through open bidding, to host the US National Elections to One National or Foreign News Medium. (The funds collected to be deposited into a US Elections Trust Fund, like the Social Security Administration Trust Fund. We can probably wipe out our National debt after one election!) YES ____NO ___ (please check one.)

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

We at the USA News & Information Service believe that it is very Important for Presdent Obama to candidly answer the above questions, so that the Public would know whether the changes he brings about are temporary, lasting only during his presidency,or permanent as those changes brought on by Lyndon B. Johnson's Civil Rights legisaltion with teeth-like felony provisions of imprisonment and stiff fines to those who violate them, which has brought on permanent change and enriched the lives of all Americans. Without Lyndon Johnson's Civil Rights Act of 1965, Mr.Obama would not have been elected as our 44th. President; though an American, he may not even be allowed to register to vote!-Remeber the Selma, Alabam incidence. The greed and lack of honor among our elected officials have changed our government into a One Party system of greed and deception.
It would be foolish for any American or a Foreigner to keep funds in the US, where even a Veteran Commanding officer's funds could be easily stolen under color of law.

You may send the On line link of our web page, to your family and friends, since the 90,000 deaths that occur each year in the US due to avoidable physician error, by officials choosing less qualified physicians as exemplified in this case. To view the Court exhibit filed with the Veteran's case, Click on Click#9 and then on Exhibits # 11 & #12. Exhibit #12 is from the US Bureau of statistics which shows a precipitous fall in American's Life expectancy. Even people in some third world countries like Singapore live longer than people in America. These countries have Universal Health coverage and a better Quality of Life. None of them allow any form of campaign contributions and representatives are bound by law to return any gifts donations or cash above their statutory salaries to the government or face prosecution.

The USA News & Information Service functions as the Voice of America within America. Support of our Mission will be in your best interest. Our Administrative Costs including CEO Compensation to revenues is equal to or less than those of the Catholic Charities or the Red Cross. Donors of $1000 or over, will receive an audited copy of our Annual Report

We have also set up a Legal Defense fund for the Veteran at the
Old Second National Bank
1200 Douglas Road,
Oswego, IL 60543
Account #10501004518. (in the Memo, please note-For the Veteran's Legal Defense) All donations will be acknowledged

The authority to remove judges rests with the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chaired by Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, who is up for reelection in November 2010. We were informd, the Veteran plans to submit a formal complaint against these judges to the Senate Judiciary Committee in January 2009 after the new Administration is in force. The judges on the take- both openly and in secret-and the lawyers who buy their judicial favors are not in the least perturbed by this prospect, since all the members of the Judiciary Committee are recepients of large contributions from Political Action Committees which represent the Defendants in this case. However, all the members of the Congress know that the Millions of Dollars they receive as Campaign contributions will cease the day they fail to win re-election, along with their congressional pay and benefits. The US Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of this country which is above any State, Federal Law or any Supreme Court ruling, gives the people this authority and responsibility, through their elected representatives in the Senate. Click here to see the US Constitutional mandate(Click# 12) under which a judge- in any court in the USA-should be removed.
The US Constitution clearly states that judges should be removed for bad behaviour. These three judges referenced above have not only showed bad behaviour, but CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR and must be removed. This is the function of the Senate Judiciary Committee. We must hold its Chairman, Senator Patrick Leahy, responsible if these three judges stay on the bench after March 2009.
Write to Senator Patrick Leahy in February 2009, and let him know that if any of these three judges remain in office after March 2009, you will advise your friends and relatives in Vermont, to vote against him, when he runs for reelection in November 2010.

Our Closing Comments: The Solution:
As usual these are our suggestions for the solution to the problems indigenous to our country:
1. President Obama to use his influence with the Congress to enact legislation within 100 days of taking office to outlaw all campaign contributions to members of the congress and the judiciary.
2. A four year moratorium in sending lawyers or any one with a JD, to both branches of the congress and reassess after.
3. Enact legislation abolishing all state courts, and give them the status of tribunals to hear case where the monetary and non-monetary damages claimed do not exceed $5000. Prohibit judges in any jurisdiction from accepting funds under any caption, from lawyers who practice in their court.
All other state court functions to be taken over by the Federal Courts in the State. This centralized system of uniform untainted justice has been in force in UK, Canada and India over the past several decades with excellent citizen satisfaction.
We pay several times the expenses of other nationals, towards our court system and receive tainted justice, which is not tolerated in 3rd. World counties. Untainted and impartial Justice is not a Privilege, but is a Right of every American.
These four crooks masquerading as judges and being referred to as 'Your Honor' should not be sitting on the bench, but should be behind bars
Two of these judges also hear criminal case; one wonders as to how many innocent Tennesseans are in prison today due to tainted rulings of these judges to please public prosecutors, so their campaign contributions to the judges' bank accounts are not affected.
Please take a moment to take the opinion poll to voice your concerns.


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