The Conspiracy of Silence-Part IX
The unrest in Iran and the crooked judges on the take-the chilling similarities- what you must do to protect your family from history repeating itself on American soil.
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Special Editorial

Dave Ryan
~ ~ Managing Editor

The events over the last few months in Iran re-emphasizes the old adage that all power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Our founding fathers disappointed with the corruption of their British King, the historic corruption of the Catholic church in the 15th. century, when it controlled absolute temporal power in addition to spiritual authority, indulged in persecuting Christians who differed with its dogma including the burning at the stake of the legendary Saint Joan of Arc(Jean d'Arc) of France on May 30th. of 1431, have removed this power from these authorities and distributed it evenly between the three branches of our government. However, the American people because of their respect for law and order, entrusted most of this responsibilities to the judicial branch, in the belief, that judges, who are indeed lawyers educated in law and justice, will safe guard their rights.
Though this was true in the olden days, the courts by gradually grabbing more authority to themselves have now come to believe-after the Nixon Doctrine-that they are the law and are above all laws governing this country, including the US constitution written by non-lawyers with a deep sense of justice and with dedication to the people they serve. Most of the articles of the US constitution were drafted by Dr. Benjamin Franklin, a scientist and a reporter and adopted as is, by the First US Congress.
The accumulation of power has corrupted the courts, as is the case with all power.
To safe guard against this occurrence, our founding fathers have rested the final authority with the people- which is to remove from office through the election process, of those in authority who are charged with the responsibility of supervising the judges, that they follow the law, the US Constitution and administer impartial justice and show good behavior. Thus those judges who show bad or criminal behavior are to be remove from the bench immediately and referred to a grand jury for review and indictment.
Part I and II of the Veteran's formal complaint to Senator Patrick Leahy, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee very clearly sets forth the fraud committed by theses four judges
To view these complaints, unedited, click on the links below: (Some litigants names are masked per their request and on the approval of the Administration)
1. Senate Judiciary Committee Complaint-Part I Click here,(Click#1) for exhibit Click here.(Click#1a)
2. Senate Judiciary Committee Complaint-Part II Click here,(Click# 2) for exhibits Click here (Click#2a).
It is the responsibility of the senate judiciary committee to maintain the untainted integrity of the judiciary in our country. The Veteran's case demonstrates that they have been sorely negligent in their supervision of the judges. Six of the 18 members of the senate judiciary are up for reelection in November of 2010.
If any of the remaining three judges are still on the bench in the year 2010, contact your friends and relatives in the states these senators are up for reelection, and advice them to vote for their opponent whoever he or she may be. Provide them with a link to the USA News and information service.
We must hold senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Chairman of the senate Judiciary committee mostly accountable, since he has set an exalted standard for the judges to voluntarily refrain from even going 'quail hunting' with a litigant or his associates, whose case is being presided by them, knowing all the while that it is common practice for attorneys who practice before the judges to bribe them under the caption of 'campaign contributions'.
Any Health Reform legislation passed will be futile with PAC Cash heavy insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN having judges 'in their pockets'. These judges who do not have any conscience and for a price boldly strike down Amendment VII and Article V of the US constitution, (Refer to :Is there Justice for Hire in America? Clicks #5 & #6 ) would have no qualms in striking down any Health Reform law if it would increase profits to insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue shield. If our loved one should die in spite of having good insurance coverage, due to lack of specialist care, since it may cut into the insurance companies profits or delayed care, for the same reason- we have only ourselves to blame for our inaction in the year 2010.
Having a 'Judge on the take', sit on the bench, is like allowing a drunk driver to drive on our highways-with similar disastrous results.

Six out of the nineteen members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are up for reelection in November 2010.Click here (Click#3) to see the 6 senators from the Senate Judiciary Committee, who are up for reelection in 2010 and their constituency.

To view the name of one of the four judges, who recently resigned / retired from the bench, Click here(Click#4)
Based on the evidence we recommend not sending any one with a law degree to the congress for the next 10 years, so effective legislation could be enacted as exemplified by the actions of our founding fathers who were all non-lawyers, who drafted the US Constitution, the Supreme Law of this country. This instrument they have drafted, has withstood the test of time, guaranteeing liberties and justice to all Americans, and the fundamental right of trial by a jury. Electing a lawyer to the Congress is like sending the fox to advice the farmer as to how to safeguard his chicken.
In our next issue we will post through our sound link, our interviews with the judges, the White house and our non-glitz assessment of President Obama's 100 days and the True purpose of the Congress and the White house in rushing the Bail out legislation.

To view the updated editorial,'Is there Justice for Hire in America?' Click here(Click# 5)


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