Physicians Credentialed by BlueCross Blue Shield of TN: MD 1, MD 2,, MD 3, MD 4,

(Please Note: The highest qualified and most experienced specialist, who is also a Veteran Commanding Officer(MD#4) was denied participation by Blue Cross Blue Shield's Chairman, MD #1 with minimal academic qualifications and no hospital privileges, so that MD#4's bills for services performed on patients insured with Blue Cross Blue Shield were denied and NOT PAID, whereas bills for services by MDs#2 & #3 were promptly paid, though one of these physicians wrongly removed his patient's only NORMAL KIDNEY, AND LEFT HER CANCER KIDNEY INSIDE HER! All of this physician's bills for services performed were promptly paid, including his bill for the botched up surgery! This incidence was reported by the Nashville Channel 4 evening News, Nashville not too long ago.)

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